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Myanmar Chinlone Game Early Summer

… five boring years within the sound of bugles …

Orwell’s phrase about his time as a police officer in Burma in the 1920s  make me aware of the slow process of change that Myanmar, former Burma, is going through in the 21st century. See more about Orwell in Myanmar here.
Myanmar Chinlone Game Early Summer: the fineness of this Asian ball game impresses by the light material used for the small rounded rattan basket. The tender players, women and men, exercise the acrobatic activity with great moves aimed at keeping the ball off the ground. As a teamsport with no opposing team, Chinlone represents a martial arts over thousands of years, an art that seems a perfect answer to Western culture. Andy et Chinlone has made it to an olympic discipline, after all. See images here.

So is Chinloje a’mystic ball’? see

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Wikipedia criticised for GENDER GAP: Western male domination in sciences

Wikipedia’s shrinking male domination of science utopia made by Korean scientists: The Berlin daily newspaper taz reports from Daejeon academic elite Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (Kaist, April 27, 2017: 18).
The gender gap about WHO is editing WHAT no longer is a secret, as 80% of the Wiki contributors are European OECD authors of largely natural sciences background, mostly men.
Reform needs to alter Wiki reality appear more than urgent so as to sustain the value of content for all, less so the institution of Wikipedia dominated by few male . . .