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berlinsights is a small tour operator, coach and guide through Berlin, with berlinsights director Susanne sharing new features and ideas. She acts in her capacity as a true-born Berliner, adoring Berlin's people, lakes, forests, business ventures, ideas and all work-in-progress. Together with her creative team of guides and friends, colleagues and clients, Susanne never gets bored, and loves to be in town when not traveling abroad on international consultancies or local (ad)ventures.


‘Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit’: …a Berlin-Documentary movie worth seeing! Thomas Heise is a Berlin expert, no ‘… Literat oder so’, bringing us a ‘glossary about the German moment’, entitled ‘Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit’, 3 hours to watch! … in between, Neukölln Richardkiez invites for relaxing coffee bars.berlinale2019

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When visiting Berlin Kreuzberg, the Admiral’s bridge across Landwehr canal (kilometer 7,70) is one of the bridges completed in late 19th century (1882). Strengthened several times, the bridge was renovated in 1984 and remains under protection = “Denkmalschutz”. Linking the shores of Fraenkel and Planufer, both sides have their historical highlights such as house number 88 – 94, Planufer, for their beautiful architecture. Just scroll around to learn about Fraenkelufer, named after Prof. Dr. Albert Fraenkel (1948 – 1916): as German doctor, he was never appointed to a Chair, due to his Jewish descent. Fraenkel had long passed away when Fascist desaster in 1933 became massive with Berlin’s chief of police storming the building because of its then Jewish management, and the famous Fraenkel Synagoge just opposite the hospital. Urban’s original building had been set-up in 1890, thanks to a generous lady with three first names: Wilhelmine Eleonore Ottilie BESCHORT who had donated approx. one fifth of the total seed sum for the building. By the way, Fraenkel made it to the head of the women’s clinic nearby. He became extraordinary professor at Berlin’s Charité, and also director of internal medicine at the Urban hospital, today a simple concrete building: the start of this new Urban hospital had been inaugurated in 1966 by former Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt.

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