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berlinsights as tour operator, coach and guide walks through Berlin like a flaneur, as berlinsights director Susanne was told the other day along her new features and ideas shared. A true-born Berliner, she adores Berlin's people, lakes, museums, business ventures, ideas and more. Together with her creative team of guides and friends, colleagues and clients, Susanne never gets bored, loves being in town besides international consultancies or local (ad)ventures.

Berlin Marathon: Tigis Assefa, Ethiopia, wins!

source: Der Spiegel, 20.09.2023.

Within two hours, eleven minutes and 53 seconds, 29-year-young Tigis has become the 1st woman ever to make that 42 km distance faster than anyone else among some 48000 participants from more than 150 countries. The police was at least as quick on the same avenue June 17 by stoping clima activists’ efforts to seal and block the event by gluing themselves on that spot. Congrats to ETHIOPIA says!

Nikita’s music at
Nikita inspired us at with his sounds near the ‘room of silence’, letting us feel enlightened by how creation is fostered by sorrow and silence: thank you Nikita from Russia, having left your home to live refreshed in free movement here in D – Berlin.


Berlin Summer 2023 14 July 2023: BEGINENHOF, D-10999 Berlin Kreuzberg with Sohel Rahman and his documentary The Ice cream Sellers some 20 co-owners and as many visitors enjoyed great dinner prepared by Sohel himself, and attended the film screening of his award-winning creative documentary ‘The ICECREAM SELLERS’. The ‘rural’ view of the largest refugee camp of one million people living, giving birth, generating income and sustaining – evoke my attention when witnessing the screening and discussion at Heinrich Böll Foundation (June 23, 2023). I was amazed, since I had been in the camp on behalf of UNHCR some ten years ago, before the 2017 (2nd) genocide of the Muslim Rohingya community let the Rohingya Muslim community take refuge again. This stalemate situation does not allow forgetting facts that had emerged as early as 1970 under the former military regime of Burma, now Myanmar. We can do more – let us discuss! Contact Susanne +49 151 17861960

Berlin Election Results, April 2023

Berlin elections were much harder than going by bike through town: it tells us that weather is less important than just a real `Swapfliets` bicycle as a Service that truly deserves its name: You just go to any of their shops downtown Berlin, organise your particular demand and obtain the best offer of a riding vehicle – its translation from Dutch into German simply says: urban infrastructure by bike is FUN and ensures our future!

Spring in Berlin, March 2023

Photograph taken at Beginenhof in 10999 Berlin

… it is getting warmer, day by day. We Berliners enjoy even freezing temperatures, yet sun and spring buds warm our hearts, and chill our souls. We all know Berlin is crowded with nations from all over the world, and this is our pride. We thank each and everybody for being here with us, please continue to come: welcome to Berlin!