Berlin plant eine Migrantenquote von 35 Prozent für die Verwaltung Unabhängig davon ist der Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband mit über 800 Vereinen als Mitglieder: ‘…für zuverlässige Bildungs- und Betreuungsangebote … v.a. die gezielte Unterstützung einkommensschwacher Haushalte …’ s.

Berlin December 2020

Mid-December 2020, Müller obliges Berliners… “… to contain the Corona pandemic, public life in Berlin is largely shut down a good week before Christmas.” #berlinsights says ‘yes-we-can’!

September 2020, the mayor’s focus had been on … „Berlin is the City of freedom, tolerance and diversity. Berlin as a country appeals to the city’s ‘lived individual diversity’ that emphasizes people’s joint “miteinander” that brings us together. Müller: … “I am proud to present Berlin as a brand that points to exactly this – our common ground at the centre of all’.

#berlinsights agrees, and thanks all Berliners to be who they are, women and men, young and old, local and Bavarian, Togolese and African: welcome here!

Berlin today, November 10, 2020

Was Corona (un)sichtbar macht – Auftaktgespräch zur Asylinitiativenkonferenz
Heinrich Böll Stiftung – was diskutiert wurde, ist tatsächlich zentral: Hier ein Auszug aus Ellen Ueberschär’s guter Rede:

“Asyl und Migration sind nicht die Themen, an denen Europa scheitern muss. Im Gegenteil, es ist genau eine dieser Fragen, die Europa gemeinsam meistern kann und auch gemeinsam meistern muss. Der Berliner Aktionsplan für einen Neustart in der Asyl- und Migrationspolitik ist ein deutlicher Schritt einer vernetzten und lebendigen europäischen Zivilgesellschaft, die sich konstruktiv um Lösungen kümmert.”


Zerstreuung überall! LIGNA internationales radioballet

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Thank You for this blog, #berlinsights participated in LIGNA, excited and happy to have lived the experience here in Berlin, at Uferstudios in 13357 Berlin.

berlinsights Sand-Pendel Juni 2020: times do not yet change. is back in Berlin, after more than a year working in South Africa. When we looked at our former premises Unter den Linden (UdL) 40, we found that the 10.000 sqm between Mittelstr. and UdL are currently being completely refurbished, works tasked to the David Chipperfield group by investor Harm Müller – Speer from Hamburg. He had made the deal for the “French Palais’ in 2014, winning the bid from among 350 potential parties interested in the historic building. The same investor of the Spreedreieck (near Friedrichstr.140), the former and famous ‘Tränenpalast’ and the ‘Hackesche Höfe’, among others, is said to expand office space by up to 17.000 sqm. His shame came with Berlin’s municipality that first opposed partial damage of the historic site: monument protection is ‘holy’ for Berliners, or at least he had to wait a bit for the building permit. By now, mid-2020, people hardly realize that works are speeding up. As for now, media stay silent, although ZDF is right next door. Who wants to know more, tours can be organized.