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Finissage – Sunday, November 14, 2021, 15 – 19 Uhr
alomg the Finissage of The Few, The Many by and with Bernadette Van-Huy and Herman Asselberghs, showing the Film Get Rid of Yourself by the artist collective Bernadette Corporation (61 min). Start at 17:00
(only with pre-registration and ON TIME! 3G is IT!) 

Get Rid of Yourself, Bernadette Corporation, 2003 – 61 min, color, sound

… an „Anti documentary film“ combined with excerpts of the conflict-rich G-8-2001 meet-up in Genua, Italy, with performances by Chloe.

Earlier this year_AFTER THE BUTCHER, exhibitian site for contemporary art and social questions, invited for “— learning to dwell otherwise within the ruins
_ Vermeir & Heiremans, Julia Cremers & PARALLAX Lab:
AUSSTELLUNG: 19. MÄRZ 2021 – 25. APRIL 2021.

The artist duo Vermeir & Heiremans showed the short film _A MODEST PROPOSAL (IN A BLACK BOX). Whether ‘financialisation’ may become a tool to create more decent situations for reality is proposed as a model to financialise public art collections and more for their symbolic capital. The model would thus create a circle of saturation that would not only suffice investors and institutions but also those who created these pieces of art in the first place – the artists and art producers.
Vermeir & Heiremans discuss the topic of financialisation along the Pump House Gallery at Battersea Park in London – near the gallery site – as a case example. Battersea Power Station is a former coal power station dating back to the midst-20th century. After 40 years staying empty, „Star architects“ like Frank Gehry and Foster & Partners are refurbishing the site towards a shopping centre plus luxury appartements. With raising real estate values in the neighbourhood, the gallery site is thus being uplifted like with a  „pump“. If such mechanisms were integrated into the global financial model of the artists, the added value would disseminate towards a broader art community. So what is ironic criticism and where is the wish for more common ground, in German *Teilhabe*? The artists lay out the thus created social tensions and dichotomies between speculation and profit maximisation against the basic housing needs (…)
_AFTER THE BUTCHER. showroom for contemporary art and social issues
_cordially invites you to visit our new exhibition

_Learning to dwell otherwise within the ruins_
Vermeir & Heiremans, Julia Cremers & PARALLAX Lab


draussen stadt berlin November 2021: WELTBEWEGEND / ESCAPE

'Refuge' Art project by Patricia Pisani, Appellplatz Zitadelle Spandau, Berlinweltbewegend or MOVINGESCAPE

LIFEBELTS scattered along Berlin Spandau’s Citadel “Appellplatz” refer to military call grounds of Prussia’s wars in the late 18th until end of 19th century. Patricia Pisani’s allusion to global escape mechanisms is talking about the worldwide more than 80 million refugees the UN system currently aims to assist, with no end of the crisis in sight: a ‘MUST-SEE’ worth visiting while in Berlin, on until November 14, 2021, see link:

Femmes de Lettres, Berlin HU: Humboldt Universität 07. – 08.10.2021


Schreiben & ‚Femmes de Lettres‘ 17. & 18. Jh.

Do., 07.10.2021Fr., 08.10.2021

Unter den Linden Berlin, Humboldt Universität

Die FONTE-Stiftung entdeckt mit ihrer Jahrestagung ‚Femmes de Lettres‘ erneut Autorinnen des 17. – 18. Jahrhunderts (neu). Sie nämlich nahmen das literarische – und mit diesem Schreiben oftmals auch ihre eigene Geschichte selbst in die Hand: Beiträge zu literarischen Schriften europäischer Autorinnen dieser Jahrhunderte regen an zur Diskussion zu literatur-wissenschaftlichem Schreiben über die Geschichte der Literatur selbst , im Sinne des re-writing zur Eröffnung neuer Denkbereiche. Dazu gibt es bereits den Sammelband (Hg. Marina O. Hertrampf) “Femmes de lettres. Wiederentdeckungen und Neulektüren europäischer Autorinnen des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts” (Frank & Timme 2020), hrsg. die FONTE-Stiftung mit der im Berliner Secession-Verlag erscheinenden Buchreihe ‚Femmes de Lettres‘, mit Texten der Autorinnen Louise Labé, Christiana Mariana von Ziegler, Francoise de Grafigny, Sidonia Hedwig Zäunemann und Sibylla Schwarz.

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Veranstalter: HU Berlin; Fonte-Stiftung

Berlin & Federal Elections September 26, 2021 quotes September 17, 2021:

Enteignungsinitiative: Wohnungsankauf «Hinterzimmerdeal»
“Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen” © dpa / Christophe Gateau/dpa/Archivbild
Enteignungsinitiative: Wohnungsankauf «Hinterzimmerdeal»

Berlin (dpa/bb) – (…) According to the Initiative “Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen”, speaker Moheb Shafaqyar says: “We do support transfer of housing as public good, yet not along deals arranged in the backyard (so-called ‘Hinterzimmerdeals’) and not at speculative prices.”

The issue of socialisation or ‘Vergesellschaftung’ in German terms would mean good business for Berlin along neutral budgeting, according to Shafaqyar. Accordingly, the Initiative wants companies owning more than 3000 appartments to socialize these, meaning to no longer owning these against a given compensation (‘Entschädigung’) – as long as such entail the intention of making a profit (“Gewinnerzielungsabsicht”). The intitiative claims that this would stop raising rents and ensure affordable housing, in the longterm. Berliners can vote September 26, 2021, in parallel to the Parliament of Berlin (‘Abgeordnetenhaus’) and parliamentary elections, in favour of the said socialisation of rents.
SOURCE:© dpa-infocom, dpa:210917-99-253956/2 © dpa

Berlin – Kiezleben luxuriös & Down-Under: nicht nur im Schillerkiez

susannebauer23s Profilbild dankt allen bei #heschek.beschek für die schöne Performance an 9.Hoffestspielen 07. – 11.9.2021 mit Expedition Metropolis e.V. 10999 Berlin

Mitte September hiess es in Schöneberg

Luxuriöses Wohnen im Untergrund: Susanne Schilp erzählt …
‘Mit viel Ironie ging im Schillerkiez Mitte August eine ungewöhnliche Plakat-Aktion an den Start – Neukölln, see