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Moon Eclipse July 27, 2018

Moon eclipse this Friday, July 27, 2018, in Berlin’s eve around 20 – 22 p.m.
… a great place to linger around these days is the ‘House of the World’s Cultures (HKW), the former Congress Hall at John-Foster-Dulles Allee, D-10557 Berlin. Typically named the ‘Pregnant Oister’, Water Music is on right now until August 18, 2018: ‘Goodbye UK – and Thank You for the Music’!

Developing Myanmar tourism with 120 local stakeholders

Developing Myanmar tourism with 120 local stakeholders means to acknowledge military presence and governmental power in a process of change.
At the beautiful “Royal Nadi Resort” in Nyaung Shwe close to Inle Lake, nobody talks about the “Blue Lake” whose colors seem to have turned muddy brown. Environmental degradation confirms the effects of human exploitation and commercial impact. International development efforts not yet grasp sustainable methods for impact in favour of ‘blue sky’ visions. Yet, it is not yet too late to move towards joint leadership.

Susanne with workshop participants on tourism development, Myanmar, 07/2015.

Summer in Togo and Berlin 2014

Togolese greetings from Kpalimé…IMG_4373
Zam-Ké de Kpalimé: l’arrivée d’Aimée Abra Tenu, jeune Togolaise ayant crée l’organisation STEJ à son retour en mi-2012 à but non-lucratif et non-gouvernemental (ONG), “Zam-Ké” tout court veut dire: réuse-moi!

Cette activité génératrice de revenu est une valorisation des déchets plastiques tels que les sachets d’eau qui se trouvent en millions sur les rues de Lomé et ailleurs. Zam-Ké, avec trois ateliers entre Lomé, Kpalimé et Tsevié, concevoit d’autres activités et produits à venir, avec des femmes telle que la femme entrepreneur ci-dessus, toute fière de ses propres produits, voir

The floating garbage collectors

Muellboot-SpreeChased-away trash like bottles, broken bikes and dead dogs in plastic bags: this is only some of the environmental waste thrown into the rivers of Berlin. An impressive analysis of garbage items is collected daily between the Landwehr canal and the river Spree. With yearly 450 tons of things thrown without care into the waters of our city, the two municipal employees Richard and Waldemar do their back-breaking job on a motorized Catamaran, eight meters long and one of three such floating garbage collectors. They do not complain, they just do their job.

excerpt from taz, die tageszeitung 19.08.2013