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Berlin Lahore in Autumn 2022

It is fun thinking of Lahore, city of noise and cars, food and digital innovation.

Berlin TV Tower Alexanderplatz
While Berliners admire their Alexanderplatz TV Tower in summer, Punjab-based people in Pakistan`s Lahore suffer bad air and lack of meaningful job prospects for young people.

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One of the many exceptions to differ in Pakistan is of course music such as …

Lahore August 2022

Lahore is Pakistan’s second largest city, afterKarachi.

It is great fun commuting by auto-Rikshaw taxis (so-called ‚ChingChi‘, named after Chinese manufacturer Qingqi). Seated in rapid 3-seaters, I have not yet seen major accidents here that happen between cars, trucks and a motorized Rickshaw that replaced the earlier pulled Rickshaw. Continue reading

Lahore Berlin July 2022

Downtown market place along Walled City of Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, not Berlin these days, tells the story of its Walled City around the Fort of Moghul times. Today, this small downtown place hosts some 200 000 inhabitants of
a total of 12 million living in Lahore.

Tourists are of course rare in this heat of 35 – 44 C in July 2022.
The donkey is no longer there since Holy Ramadan has its sacrifices …