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Topography of Terror Documentation centre Berlin highly informative

NOV 30, 2022, Topography of Terror Documentation Centre in Berlin Niederkirchnerstr.8:
Bill Niven, UK, University Nottingham/former senior Fellow at D-Munich Institute for Contemporary Historical Centre for Holocaust Studies, about Veit Harlan’s propaganda film of 1940:

the venue was packed with an audience of all ages and cultures, listening to Bill`s splendid presentation on whether or not to allow public viewing of JUD SUESS, NS propaganda film of 1940, viewed by 20 million Germans at the time!

My 99-year old friend Dr Inge Keller confirms that this was compulsory for all, being obliged to join large arenas and venues at schools, Universities and industrial premises. With Austrian – German actor Werner Krauss as the main character, audiences adored his charismatic self of being a dedicated Nazi, personally called upon by Hitler for his self-image of why he became an actor with a sadistic touch: … `ein Nazi und ein Schweinehund`.

Berlin Lahore in Autumn 2022

It is fun thinking of Lahore, city of noise and cars, food and digital innovation.

Berlin TV Tower Alexanderplatz
While Berliners admire their Alexanderplatz TV Tower in summer, Punjab-based people in Pakistan`s Lahore suffer bad air and lack of meaningful job prospects for young people.

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One of the many exceptions to differ in Pakistan is of course music such as …