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Winter in Berlin, Germany, December 30, 2017

The Berlin LICHTBÜHNE seems rather silent these days, yet not fully passive. Let us see what the year 2018 will bring in terms of lights, shows, music and, most importantly, people! We continue to welcome refugees emerging from difficult living circumstances, in particular women with their children, sometimes with or without husbands, often carrying the families’ burden to sustain in life. Let us just welcome them in full generosity, having fled unbearable situations. We all remember our grand grandparents and their war- and postwar stories. Living in Berlin today means to be part of several generations without any war, let alone without hunger. Thank You world!

Developing Myanmar tourism with 120 local stakeholders

Developing Myanmar tourism with 120 local stakeholders means to acknowledge military presence and governmental power in a process of change.
At the beautiful “Royal Nadi Resort” in Nyaung Shwe close to Inle Lake, nobody talks about the “Blue Lake” whose colors seem to have turned muddy brown. Environmental degradation confirms the effects of human exploitation and commercial impact. International development efforts not yet grasp sustainable methods for impact in favour of ‘blue sky’ visions. Yet, it is not yet too late to move towards joint leadership.

Susanne with workshop participants on tourism development, Myanmar, 07/2015.