Women artists in Berlin and beyond …

                Did you know about the Berlin Association of Female Artists VdBK1867?

And that women artists exist, see the forthcoming event in German with Ilona Wolff’s … „Es gibt sie doch: Bedeutende Künstlerinnen in Gegenwart und Geschichte“

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besides the US National Museum of Women in the Arts, this is the worldwide largest documentation of art by female artists. Established in the mid-19th century, the archive with library  and an arts collection encompasses approx. 64 lfm written material as well as fotographs, 2.000 books and 5.750 art pieces that document life and work of more than 3.400 female artists in history until today in and outside Europe. Stroll on the web, explore female art and contact #berlinsights.de for more ways to find interesting female art.

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