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Olga Tokarczuk: “Such a prize will, in a way, give us a kind of optimism.”


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New faces New Voices (RSA) on Berlin Tour

8.10.14 Sightseeing a with Susanne Bauer
8.10.14 Sightseeing b
Thank You ‘New Faces New Voices’ from Uganda and South Africa, for joining berlinisghts touring thru Berlin! The giant monument of 1935 shows the Federal Ministry of Finance at Leipziger street (former Air Ministry) with VIII departments, led by 18% women in upper positions O N L Y … (they could do with some NFNV support :-). Our visitors felt some modesty when alerted to The German chancellor’s private address near Museum Island, ending close to the hardly noticed read light of 1924, a replique at Leipziger Platz.

Newzealand visitors in Berlin

Engelbecken sights

“… What a lovely morning we spent with Susanne. A knowledgeable, informative and charming guide to a fascinating inner corner of Berlin that we certainly would not have discovered by ourselves….”

… say our New Zealanders who enjoyed Berlin’s Engelbecken in Kreuzberg: fresh Mint tea with enjoyable Turkish service and autumn sun at the For a walking tour at part of former “Luisenstädtischer Canal” along Erkelenzdamm, Segitzer Damm and similar “Damm” streets to Michaelkirchplatz, You are almost in walking distance to “Ostbahnhof” some 2 km further – for guided tours, contact berlinsights :-).

Hindu Temple Berlin, September Opening

This is the first Hindu temple created by the Hindu community in Berlin:,10809148,24237668.html

berlinsights paid an extended visit to Berlin’s first Hindu temple inaugurated in Neukoellen/Britz in September 2013. It was a sunny day with hundreds of visitors from nearby and abroad, both contributing to making teh atmosphere special!