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Newzealand visitors in Berlin

Engelbecken sights

“… What a lovely morning we spent with Susanne. A knowledgeable, informative and charming guide to a fascinating inner corner of Berlin that we certainly would not have discovered by ourselves….”

… say our New Zealanders who enjoyed Berlin’s Engelbecken in Kreuzberg: fresh Mint tea with enjoyable Turkish service and autumn sun at the For a walking tour at part of former “Luisenstädtischer Canal” along Erkelenzdamm, Segitzer Damm and similar “Damm” streets to Michaelkirchplatz, You are almost in walking distance to “Ostbahnhof” some 2 km further – for guided tours, contact berlinsights :-).

Hindu Temple Berlin, September Opening

This is the first Hindu temple created by the Hindu community in Berlin:,10809148,24237668.html

berlinsights paid an extended visit to Berlin’s first Hindu temple inaugurated in Neukoellen/Britz in September 2013. It was a sunny day with hundreds of visitors from nearby and abroad, both contributing to making teh atmosphere special!