Berlin West at Funkturm and something about People & Dogs, June 21, 2024

< … great idea just to go visit the FUNKTURM nearby RBB and S-Messedamm: in walking distance with fabulous views from top. The restaurant gives pride to unique wooden indoor views of the 1960s: Retro-in-Style :-). Food is decent, cooks will leave again by tonight ‘for good’: sorry to see the Tower Restaurant standing idle again: this is June 2024.

By the way, reading about Berlin dogs in ‘Leinenlos duh die Stadt’ ( Spezialausgabe Wien – Berlin, p.36/37): December 31, 2023 – Berlin counts 3.878.100 inhabitants, thereof every 10th owning a dog (or 131.440):
this must be an indicator for employing a so-called ‘Einsamkeitsbeauftragte’ with Annabel Paris, Berlin – Reinickendorf. As an official dealing with people’s loneliness, she cares for those being alone or lonely which accounts for roughly one in ten, here in Berlin.

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