Winter in Berlin 2014

Jonti-01. . . does not feel cold these days! And even less so for berlinsights creator Susanne who just moved to Lomé, Togo in West Africa, to assist German Development Cooperation at 29 degrees to get youth into jobs! Quite a jump for her, as courageous as Jonti from New Zealand when visiting Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial lately! While he left for completing his studies, the Togoan people will sharpen their vocational skills and their technical and social education systems towards more and better jumps to make their upgrading efforts sustain! You will read in dialogic inquiry, every now and then, about the people of Togo!


1 thought on “Winter in Berlin 2014

  1. Le Programme de Formation Professionelle et Emploi des Jeunes: ProFoPEJ
    vise l’appui a l’entreprenariat, l’emploi et l’auto-emploi.

    A ces fins, des pactes d’emploi locales vont se creer dans trois villes (Kpalime, Tsevie et Sokode) avec l’Agence Nationale de Promotion de l’Emploi ANPE.

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